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Status Code is a language agnostic roundup of the latest ideas, releases, trends, events and must-read articles from the programming world (think C, UNIX, algorithms, editors, protocols..)

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Steve Souders
Googler and Creator of YSlow
"For those on Ajaxian withdrawal, the JavaScript Weekly newsletter has been excellent so far. A+"
Paul Irish
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"I've found Peter's research fills in the gaps that I usually find myself missing."
Eric Berry
Developer (blog)
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Peter Lubbers @peterlubbers
"[..] Curated, not automatically generated from an RSS feed, [Cooper] carefully chooses the most high impact articles to share with his readers."
Trey Piepmeier
UI Developer, MyEmma
"I read your email every week, and use it as a way to make sure I didn't miss anything important. JSWeekly is the single best thing I read every week!"
Boaz Sender
"JS Weekly is the best way to stay current in the world of JavaScript. Often I find out about a new JS library or tutorial through JS Weekly before I see it making the rounds on Twitter. Highly recommended!"
James Hafner
Lead Developer, Cory Webb Media
"Ruby Weekly is my ONE source for ruby news. They sift through everything so that I don't have to."
Jon Conley